Carolina X Meagan Talks

Carolina X Meagan Talks

C x M Talks

Two strangers meet through LinkedIn and come together with the goal of creating dialogue around stigmatized mental health topics. They hope to speak more confidently about these subjects while improving speaking and leadership skills. They will be completing the ToastMasters "Visionary Communication" Path along the way.

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In this episode, CxM Talks end their season with guest Cyrus Belsoi..a fellow mental health advocate and WhoAmI podcast host. Right when we reached out to Cyrus, we took notice instantly in his positivity and enthusiasm with emojis in our conversation. When we jumped on the call for this episode, we got the part of him that wants to add light to the world.. and the part who sees the world as it is.. flaws and all. Join us in this conversation as we discuss our endeavors in our professional lives and the impact we would like to leave on the world. 

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