CUBIAS is meant to reach out to those who are looking for a good story. Each individual interviewed for this show was selected for their strength in growing beyond their circumstances. I believe as human beings we have the strength to grow and become better than we were the day before. Theses people resemble that and that is what CUBIAS was founded for. For GROWTH. HERE WE GROW. Enjoy and share the experience. Support this podcast:

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Back in 2019 David Lee came to me and inspired me to run a race. I did a 10k. It was amazing. We wanted to challenge ourselves and put ourselves out there. We made amazing friends along the way and ran our first marathon. 26.2 Miles in Long Beach CA. I myself am a regular person with a big dream! I want everyone to witness what it feels like to run a marathon and experience it. Please enjoy the next 16 weeks of training and updates. CUBIAS

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