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In today's episode, we cover the FTC's push to ban difficult-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions, Starbucks CEO committing to working a shift at the company's cafes once a month, cheating in the workplace, new mathematical discoveries, the trials of converting election PDFs to spreadsheets, Epic's new motion-capture animation tech, and more exciting tech news like ChatGPT's integration with Wolfram Alpha, and the latest announcements from Framework regarding their new laptops.

ChatGPT Plugins
The drama in trying to convert election PDFs to Spreadsheets
The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions
ChatGPT can now call Wolfram Alpha
Framework announces AMD, new Intel gen, 16“ laptop and more
Mathematicians discover shape that can tile a wall and never repeat
Epic’s new motion-capture animation tech
Cheating is all you need
Do Kwon arrested in Montenegro: Interior Minister
Starbucks CEO will work a shift at the company’s cafes once a month

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