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Here at MZD we talk all the time about the beautiful healing powers of Nature and the importance of connecting with Nature for mindfulness and personal growth…

Well today we’re going to take you on a beautiful Nature trail in Letchworth State park about an hour south of Rochester, New York. Shaped like an ant from a bird’s eye view, this trail offers a first-of-its-kind experience in nature designed for visitors on the autism spectrum – but appropriate and enjoyable for all abilities and ages. It is designed to encourage inclusivity and skill-building, combat isolation, and provide a connection to the natural world in a deep nature setting that is welcoming to all.

We had a delightful conversation with Gail Serventi, who along with co-founders Susan Hernstein and Loren Penman tirelessly nurtured the ANT to life as it’ three “aunties” and champions in planning, fundraising and seeing it through to completion.

What makes this trail so unique is that it was specifically designed with those on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) in mind. It is no secret that Nature has been clinically proven to have a powerful effect on the mind, body and spirit, and the ANT has taken full advantage of her natural and holistic benefits.

A little more information about autism, and how this trail benefits not only those on the spectrum, but the neurotypical as well. It is fascinating stuff, bringing hope and practical application to a world of beautiful human beings who are struggling to be heard and understood.

Perhaps the first introduction to autism many of us had was through the movie “Rainman” starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, where Cruise, who plays a wheeler-dealer, meets his older brother, played by Hoffman, who is an autistic-savant living his life in a mental institution. What follows is a heart-warming story where two very different worlds collide on a cross-country trip that will change their lives forever. It is said that this breakthrough Hollywood film established a new standard for the realistic representation of autism.

It is important to understand that not all individuals on the spectrum are savants who demonstrate extraordinary abilities with math and memory. But classic autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with social communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviors. Disrupted routines and things such as loud noises, certain foods and even textures can rapidly bring about aggression, agitation and an intense meltdown to those with autism. The good news is, Nature has been shown to have a beautiful, calming affect on these individuals. Thus, the significance and beauty of the ANT, (Autism Nature Trail).

So now with that in mind, on to today’s show. Just a heads up… As you probably know, sometimes in the world of podcasting, (as with life in general), “schtuff” happens, and we lost the first minute or so of our introduction with Gail Serventi, so we’ll just dive right in to how the Autism Nature Trail got started.

Come on in…

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