PRSay Houston

PRSay Houston

Veronica V. Sopher, PRSA Member and Host

PRSay is the official podcast of the Houston Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Our goal is to introduce Houston chapter members to each other so we can connect more authentically and grow our network. A strong chapter is built on relationships and PRSay is a great way to meet fellow members and stay connected.

PRSay is hosted and sponsored by Veronica V. Sopher, PRSA Member. Connect with Veronica on LinkedIn - or visit

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Welcome Kristina Michel, to PRSay – the podcast of the Houston PRSA Chapter.On this episode, Kristina shares about her Journey From H-GAC To Auckland.Kristina Michel is a communications and public relations professional with 14 years of experience, primarily in the higher education, healthcare, and government sectors.Kristina's areas of expertise include: copywriting, editing, speechwriting, media relations and crisis communications management, strategic communications planning, executive com...

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