The Bot Next Door

The Bot Next Door

Nicolò Comparini

Will AI opt for world domination or allow us to sip Piña colada at the beach all day long? If we’re lucky and it’s the Piña colada, will we prefer an actual beach or the Metaverse’s beach? And if it’s the latter, will we post our avatar's feet on social media? In this podcast we’ll try to answer questions like these, sometimes in a serious way, sometimes just goofing around. Thanks for listening!

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In this episode, I talk to Valeria Pierdominici, a psychologist of the "highly skilled", and Samar Morshedi, a friend and tech founder.  

We investigate what drivers make people start companies, and high-risk, high-pressure, projects. We cover ideas like individuation, search for meaning and Jungian archetypes.

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