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The Everything '80s Podcast looks back at the greatest decade. It's your one-stop shop for everything to do with movies, video games, TV shows, cartoons, toys, fashion, music and everything in between. Jamie Logie is here to share some of the big topics such as Transformers and Saved By The Bell but to get more detailed on a lot of 1980s information you might not be aware of. Do you know why VHS won the format wars against BETA? Or why the PG-13 rating was created? You'll find all that and more as we look back at the greatest decade.

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In 1980, an upstart shoe company approached a hot-shot new basketball player about a possible endorsement deal. The problem was, they didn't have any money and could only offer him stock options.

That company was Nike, and that player was Magic Johnson. Had he taken the deal, it would have been worth billions today. This is a look back on this remarkable story and a look at the early days of Nike and that beginning of celebrity shoe endorsements.

Show Notes: Magic Johnson and Nike

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