Nothing much happens: bedtime stories to help you sleep

Nothing much happens: bedtime stories to help you sleep


Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time.

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Originally Aired: July 12th, 2020 (Season 6 Episode 1)

Our story tonight is called In the Map Room, and it’s a story about the pleasures of looking at the world drawn out on paper. It’s also about a gasp of koi fish in a pond, a bike ride that leads somewhere surprising, and the view from the upper room of an old house.

So get cozy and ready to sleep.

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